Balloon Blast


  • Physical Wellness ⚽

Age Groups

  • Grade 4-6


Body awareness is the ability to recognize where your body is in space. Developing body awareness helps us to be more conscious and connected to our bodies.


Develop body awareness by trying to keep the balloon in the air using specific body parts.



  • Start the music.
  • Try to keep the balloon in the air using the following body parts. Switch every 2 minutes.
    • all parts of the body
    • only your legs
    • only your shoulders
    • only your right hand
    • only your left hand
    • only your right elbow
    • only your left elbow
    • only your right foot
    • only your left foot
    • only your head
    • only your nose
    • all parts of the body


  • Which part of this activity did you enjoy the most? Which part did you find challenging?
  • What are some of the different feelings that you had while doing this activity?


  • Transform your 10 things into a list poem by adding a few poetic devices – such as imagery, simile, metaphor, repetition, or rhyme.