Bring Sally Up


  • Physical Wellness ⚽

Age Groups

  • Grade 4-6
  • Grade 7-9


Physical activity is a key component of wellness. Even short bursts of exercise can increase mental alertness and improve our mood. This musically inspired fitness challenge involves doing the up and down movements of a chosen exercise to the song “Flower” by Moby.


Build muscular strength and endurance through holding specific body positions.



  • Choose one or two of the following challenges from the slideshow to do:
    • squat challenge
    • plank to downward dog challenge
    • elbow plank to full plank challenge
    • leg raise challenge
    • half push-up to full push-up challenge (advanced)
  • Once you have chosen a challenge, start the video and follow along to the song.
  • These exercises are challenging. Do the best you can. Your body will get stronger with practice. If you get tired, give yourself a short break and then try to continue on until the song is over.
  • Make sure to take a 3–5 minute break before starting your second challenge!


  • How did you do? Did you find this challenge easy, moderately difficult, or very difficult?
  • can you do in the next week to improve your level of physical activity?
  • In what ways did you challenge yourself in doing this activity?