Happy Heart Alphabet


  • Social Wellness 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
  • Mental Wellness 🧠

Age Groups

  • Grade 4-6


Emotional self-awareness is the ability to understand your own emotions and their effects on you. In other words, you know what you are feeling and why. Emotional self-awareness allows us to understand how our bodily sensations and our emotions impact our lives. When you have a sense of how others see you, you align your self-image with a larger reality.


Build awareness of emotions and their impact in your life.


  • Paper
  • Coloured pencils


  • Think about the things that make you happy. A few examples to start you off:
    • Your best friend
    • Going on vacation
    • Listening to music
    • A pet animal
    • Being outdoors
    • Dessert
  • Pay attention to how you are feel when you are having happy thoughts. What do you notice?
  • Think of other words that can be used to describe how you feel when thinking about happy things in your life. Try to think of 3 different words.
  • Make a ‘Happy Heart Alphabet’. ❤️
  • On a sheet of paper, put 26 hearts down the left side. Then, put a letter of the alphabet next to each heart. Start with the letter A.
  • Write something that makes your heart happy that starts with A – such as animals.
  • Complete your Happy Heart Alphabet by writing something that makes your heart happy for every letter.


  • What is needed to make you feel happy? People? Places? Things? Activities?
  • How does your body react when you are feeling happy? Why do you think that is?
  • How important are other people to your feelings of happiness? Why?