Name Game


  • Mental Wellness 🧠
  • Social Wellness 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Age Groups

  • Grade 4-6
  • Grade 7-9


Developing self-awareness is the first step of building self-esteem and self-love. Raising awareness of the strengths that you have helps you get to know yourself better.


Develop an awareness or your strengths and character traits that make you who you are.


  • Paper
  • Pen


  • Draw three large circles (or another shape) on your paper.
  • Write your first name in large letters vertically in one of the circles or shapes. Write your last name in large letters vertically in another one of the circles or shapes.
  • Using the letters of your name, create words that express your positive traits. (Refer to the example given.)
  • Use the remaining shape to write the first name of someone who has influenced your life. Using the letters of their name, create words that express why they have influenced you. Share your work with them.



  • When you are thinking about yourself and looking for words that describe your strengths, what emotion are you feeling? Why do you think that is?
  • Is there a trait that does not fit the letters of your name that you think is your strongest strength? What is that strong strength you have?


  • Find a friend or a family member and do the activity together. You do their name and watch traits you see in them and they share their thoughts with you. Pick one trait that is not there as it doesn’t match the letters of their name that you think describes them the most. Write that trait under your shape for them.
  • Take the trait that you think describes your strongest strength. On a piece of paper, write this trait in very large letters. Decorate the letters in whatever way you choose. Hang the word picture on the wall and use it as a reminder to or affirmation of yourself and your strength.